HoPE Learning Centres are after-school centres where severely impoverished children from rural Indian communities are provided with PI training, a nutritious mini-meal, yoga, personal transformation lessons, love and support for a HoPE-filled future and a new positive identity. At over 100 HoPE Centres in India, Tripura Foundation India provides the poorest children of rural Indian communities a safe-haven for development. Each after-school centre hosts an innovative curriculum as well as necessities including nutrition, love and support. Many of our students have gone to college with a real opportunity to leave their poverty roots behind and bring back positive and sustainable change back to their communities.

Our HoPE centres, thus, help the children transform their lives by cultivating education, compassion, optimistic behaviour and social responsibility.

At all our HoPE centres, we offer our loving support and encouragement to our children through:

  • A nutritious mini-meal that they do not receive at home otherwise.

  • Teach yoga exercises by trained professionals for physical and mental strength.

  • Compassionate life-changing skills through community volunteering and recognition of compassionate behaviours and actions.


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