About Us

We wish to bring many good things to life.

History of Tripura Foundation India

Tripura Foundation India, founded in 1998 is working towards improving the lives of underprivileged for the past 20 years. Our goal is to eradicate poverty through transformational education. The programs seek to eradicate hunger, educate children, empower women and girls, and end the cycle of poverty. We have our branches at Tamil Nadu and Goa in India. We also serve at USA and Mexico.

We aim to accomplish our mission by teaching practical yet life-changing programs for personal development, sustainable living, and selfless service, which benefits humanity. We aim to go beyond the normal mind and reason and free the future generation from limitations of mental consciousness and help them lead humanity to make Heaven on Planet Earth (HoPE).

Education in Action

Educate. Support. Empower

Our Vision

Educate Children | Empower Women | Eradicate Hunger | Help the Elderly

Our Mission

Fulfil basic humanitarian needs with innovative programs, tools, and skills for personal development.

Why Choose Us?

Tripura Foundation India focuses on improving the overall development of mental, physical and psychological well-being of children, who are the future sculptors of our society to learn, observe, care for and support those who are in need of care and support.

Daily food is still a luxury for many people in India. For them, food is God. Every grain we give out to the needy and those suffering from hunger helps us get closer to the divine. Tripura Foundation India feeds at least 4,040 hungry children and elderly on a daily basis.  Over 7.5 million meals have been provided till date.

Education is the most powerful tool we can give to our children, for they are the future sculptors of our society. Tripura Foundation India has educated over 50,000 underprivileged children in over 125 schools in India. We educate and train them with the revolutionary PI technology.

Providing shelter to the homeless and destitute not only gives them a place to live but also a place for you in their hearts. Tripura Foundation India improves the living conditions of hundreds of abandoned elders and destitute and has built more than 30 houses so far.

Caring for and supporting each other forms the foundation of a stronger and healthier society. To fulfill the basic necessities of the poor and needy, Tripura Foundation India is helping over 4000 impoverished children and their families to live with dignity each year.

Children are the greatest treasure and the world’s best resource. They build the future of our nation. Tripura Foundation India empowers them by inculcating compassionate life-skills to help them become the future leaders of tomorrow.

Poverty is not being without money; but being without hope. Tripura Foundation India implants the HoPE (Heaven on Planet Earth) of a new destiny to those who are abandoned by their families and are in need of care and support.