Who We Are?

Tripura Foundation India was founded in 1998 and it is a registered trust with FCRA approval from the Home Ministry, Government of India. Aligning with the vision of the global organization, Tripura Foundation USA (a 501(c)3 registered non-profit, public benefit corporation), our mission is to care for, feed, educate and support children, elderly and all those who are in need in the country.

What We Do?


We feed at least 4,040 hungry children and elderly on a daily basis.

Care & Support

We aim to fulfil the necessities of the poor and needy.


We educate and train the young minds with the revolutionary Phonemic Intelligence (PI) technology.

Empower & Encourage

We empower the children by inculcating compassion and life improving skills.


We aim to improve the living conditions of hundreds of abandoned elders and the destitute.

Planting HoPE

We focus to implant the HoPE (Heaven on Planet Earth) of a new destiny for the abandoned.

Our Programs

For over 20 years, Tripura Foundation India has been focusing on abolishing poverty through its transformational education. The programs seek to eradicate hunger, educate children, empower women and girls, and end the cycle of poverty.

We believe that an end to human suffering can be achieved through sustained and innovative programs that combine basic humanitarian needs with tools and skills for personal development.

Million Meals of HoPE

Our Million Meals of HoPE program works to get food into the hands of people who need it the most.

HoPE for the Elderly

Tripura Foundation India promotes efforts of our children at about 85 HoPE Learning Centres to provide meals and clothing to the poor and elderly people.

HoPE Learning Centres

HoPE Learning Centres are after-school centres where children from rural Indian communities are provided with Phonemic Intelligence (PI) training, a nutritious mini-meal, yoga and more.

Phonemic Intelligence

PI is a teaching method developed by Dr. Pillai based on phonemes or sounds, which supports balanced brain functions.

Featured Donations

HoPE For The Elderly
HoPE for the Elderly

Our goal is to have 85 elders as beneficiaries of the program by end of this year.

Once you donate, we will periodically send you updates on the HoPE for the Elderly program as well as information relating to our other initiatives.

Your generosity would be highly appreciated.

If you donate ₹1750 a month regularly for one year, you will receive a quarterly picture and story of the elderly person that you sponsor.

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