Goa is a coastal territory in Western India, where children attending small Goan Government schools come from a poor background, often challenged with hunger, abuse and neglect of the family members. Many students find it difficult to understand subjects, especially Science, Mathematics and English. During 2016–2017, the Department of Education, Goa, partnered with Tripura to offer PI training to 3826 students in 20 Goan government schools.

PI has been more than a boon for the children in not only understanding their subjects, but is also seen as an enlightening technique for their overall physical, mental and social well-being. Analysis of academic data from all 20 schools showed a 4.3% drop in the number of students failing in their exams. Also, there was a consistent increase in the proportion of students getting higher grades — B, C and D. Psychometric test results indicated that PI had a significant role in improving students’ logic, creative thinking, decision-making, and behavior.

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    Happy brains, real smiles! South Goan school children cheer for Phonemic Intelligence brain enhancing techniques.

    Goan Government Approves PI at 900 plus Schools

    Goan Government has granted approval to Tripura Foundation India to deliver PI Program to 39,000 students in 900 plus Goan government schools in the coming school year. Additionally, PI training will be given to 9,084 teachers. The students daily practice PI with their families, bringing the benefits of PI to many parents and siblings.

    The support staffs of Tripura Foundation India are hiring 60 new PI trainers in Goa to train and closely monitor the implementation of the PI program throughout the year. In addition, basic supplies and training materials will also be provided.

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